The Gallery

The Number 7 Arts Gallery cooperative was founded in 1998 by Jinks Ramsey, Cindy Platt, Bob Massengill, Susan Threlkel and John Candler. The gallery opened its doors on March 4, 1999 as a program of the Transylvania Community Arts Council (TCArts). There were 19 original member-artists.

The vision for Number 7 Arts Gallery is three-fold: to give local artists an opportunity to develop their skills in promoting and selling their own work; to promote the creation of fine art of all types in Brevard and Western North Carolina; and to foster the community formed by the gallery, the Transylvania Community Arts Council, and the general public. Number 7 Arts Gallery presents a variety of mediums and high-quality artwork by outstanding local artists. Each artist is encouraged to push the boundaries of their medium and learn all they can about the day-to-day operations of the organization, as well as new ways to promote their talents and those of their fellow members. The goal of Number 7 Arts Gallery is to become a model for co-operative art galleries. The gallery is unique in that each member must be invited, and the invitation is based on artistic merit and gallery “fit” as determined by the jury committee during a series of viewings and interviews. This curation process ensures the quality and mix of the work presented. Each artist pays a nominal monthly fee and must agree to work in the gallery several days a month. The member-artists and friends of Number 7 Arts Gallery are looking forward to many more years working with TCArts and serving as the voice for artists in the community.

Around The Gallery